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March Madness

GAL 50/50 Fundraiser

The Girls Athletic League (GAL) is running a 50/50 fundraising event around College Basketball March Madness. For a small donation of $10/bracket, you can enter multiple brackets and participate in the GAL March Madness Pool. 

With this donation, 50% of all proceeds will go to the GAL Softball Park Improvement Project, and the other 50% will go back to the winners of the Basketball Pool.

  • GAL = 50% donation
  • Winner = 40%
  • 2nd Place = 10%
  • 3rd Place = $10 back

Learn more about the GAL Softball Improvement Project.

March Madness Instructions

To participate in this event please follow these instructions. Entries must be submitted by 11 a.m. CST on Thursday, March 16.

  1. Join the GAL March Madness 50/50 Fundraiser
    • Click here - GAL March Madness 50/50 Fundraiser
    • This will get you the the CBS Sports Brackets Page
    • Login using your existing CBS Sports login account
    • Or you can create a new one
  2. Create your Winning Bracket(s)
    • Create your Bracket on the CBS Sports Page
    • Enter Multiple Brackets if you wish
    • Additional Brackets will have a number after your name
  3.  Come back to the GAL website and Donate $10/bracket 
    • Click on the PayPal image
    • Donate $10 per bracket you entered
    • ADD note - March Madness - <user name>
    • Where username is your CBS Sports Account name
      • example:  March Madness - Jim Byrne
      • We need to see your User Name to match donations

All brackets that do not have a matching donation will be removed from the Pool by the end of the week.    

Entries must be in by March 16th - 11:00pm CST

Bracket Status

The current Prize Pool is $375

  • Winner = $300
  • 2nd Place = $75
  • 3rd Place = $10

Brackets are now locked, make sure you finalize any outstanding Donations.

Tax Information

Glen Lake Girls Athletic League
EIN 41-1907791
GAL is a non profit organization, you can use the above tax information for any tax deductions.


Thanks for donating to GAL Softball